Annual Meeting 2019 Minutes

FOLM 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2019

Fish & Game Club

Board Members Present: Tom Braddy, Dave Holcomb, Gary Woods, Dan Jacobs (DNR) Park Manager, Jake Schaben (DNR) Park Ranger, Marge Shoemaker; Tony Host & Ron Tekippe excused

Guests: Iowa State Senator Dan Dawson; Iowa State Representative MaryAnn Hanusa; City Council candidates Deb Bass & Joe DiSalvo; Iowa DNR: Lindsey Barney – Forestry; George Antinou –  Lakes; Bryan Hayes – Fisheries; Michelle Reiking – Zone 6 Supervisor; Brent Martin – Technician (Manawa & Waubonsie State Parks)

President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board Members and Guests were introduced.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Gary Woods handed out 2019 Treasurer’s report (copy attached). Account Balances as of September 30, 2019: General: $6,538.52; Fireworks: $3,935.72; Ice Fishing: ($15,361.50 CD + $6,033.76 checking) $21,395.26; Dream Playground: $9,957.95. Consolidated Balance: $41,827.45

ELECTION: Secretary Marge Shoemaker introduced Tom Braddy and Gary Woods as candidates for re-election to the Board. A voice vote was called. Both re-elected unanimously.

SPECIAL SPEAKER LINDSEY BARNEY: Lake Manawa Forestry Management Plan.

Priorities as follow: HIGH: young forest growth and brush growth, especially in public areas, inspected annually. MEDIUM: flood damaged areas will be attended as needed as soon as possible. LOW: dense cottonwood and invasive scrub will be treated when funds are available.

Native Sycamore, Maple, Willow, and Cottonwood show strong growth. Invasive Japanese Hops are plentiful; control is attempted.

In the future (when water levels are down and access is possible) planting will be done in flood damaged areas with possible adaptation to public use. Reforestation is a possibility.

Prescribed burns are not advised…there’s too much dry and dead wood and undergrowth. Even live trees are susceptible to burning as we saw in the Riverside ATV Park a couple years ago. Shade from healthy trees helps deter undergrowth which in turn deters fire risk.

If dead trees are seen that may be a danger to the public, call Dan Jacobs, Park Manager. (712 366 0220)

DREDGE UPDATE: George Antiniou:  The sand from the test dredge was marketable but not marketed. Maintaining the containment site was expensive. Ultimately the dredge material was removed by Ames Construction from the containment site by the end of 2018 and 500,000 cubic yards of sand was used to cover MidAmerican Energy coal ash pits. Since then the DNR has formed a partnership with the City of Council Bluffs in a cooperative effort financially (CB 30%/DNR 70%) to do a second 500,000 cubic yard dredge with the materials to be used by the city to raise the levees. On 10/24/19 bid requests will go out with the contract to be awarded in December. Selected Bidder has to the end of 2020 to complete the dredge. Some of the dredge material will be used to fill holes in the Lake. Included in the dredge area are the entrance of Mosquito Lake pipe and the North Peninsula. The City has to the end of 2023 to use the dredge materials.

A question was raised about the lake level and possibility of pumping. State Senator Dan Dawson said he had talked to the Mayor. It’s possible.

All the water used to float the dredge materials to the containment site were returned to the lake.

A general discussion of concerns about the saturated areas around the lake took place.  If the lake is at its current level when it freezes there will be extensive damage to structures and shoreline. It is expected the river level will stay high with continued releases from Gavin’s Point Dam and the others upriver and the possibility of more snow melt and a wet spring. Hope was expressed that the Corp and City would be proactive rather than reactive and plan ahead.

FISHERIES UPDATE: Bryan Hayes:  The American Lotus (aka water lilies) has been growing thicker than usual. Efforts have been made to control them with spray treatments applied annually to 2 – 8 acres for an approximate 45 acres since 2013; about 8 acres was treated in 2019. Rodeo has been used on the lake (east) side of Tin Can Levee and along Navajo.

A granular product (NAVIGATE) will be used late spring and early summer. No swimming is allowed for 24 hours following treatment. Increased effort will be made to treat boating areas affected.

The American Lotus provides good cover for the fish. It’s possible that increased clarity due to dredging and decreased boating due to high water levels are primary causes of the increased growth. Another cause may be the Grass Carp dying out…they eat everything.

PARKS/CAMPGROUND UPDATE: Michelle Reiking, SWI Zone 6 DNR Supervisor: Michelle introduced Jake Schaben and Brent Martin as being the newest Rangers in the area. Another will be joining the staff at Manawa in the spring when he finishes at the Academy.

The Iowa State Park system will celebrate its Centennial in 2020. It’s hoped there will be 100 volunteer events staged and/or supported by the parks Friends Groups throughout the year. Our annual Clean-Up Day qualifies. March 23, 2020 is State Parks Day at the capital. The first park is in east Iowa.

Prep work for the new CAMPGROUND site has begun. It is situated north of picnic sites 1 and 2, and includes lakeside and lake view sites. It is near both the Playground and the Swimming Beach. There will not be a boat ramp. Phase 1 will include full hook-ups for 40 sites. Access to the site can be controlled. Completion is projected for May, 2021.

The Pilot Project for Non-Resident Park Usage Fees was begun August 15, 2019 with ‘soft enforcement’. Campers without proof of registration will be warned. Repeat offenders may be ticketed. Signage regarding the fees will be made more visible (larger print?)

Roadwork for Shore Drive is included in the budget for fiscal 2021 (July 1 – June 30).

The Management Plan for the State Park system includes outreach to nearby communities. Interaction between the public, Friends groups, and Park staff is encouraged.

Iowa State University held a series of Iowa Wild camps at various sites this summer…including Manawa. Activities included kite making and flying, nature walks, and identification of birds and plants.

A proposed tree planting project southwest of the Dream Playground by the Trees for Kids group has been deferred until the campground construction is complete.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marge Shoemaker, Secretary