FOLM 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

MINUTES:  Joint FOLM Annual Meeting/DNR Public Meeting  

October 14, 2014 at Bass Pro “Green Room”

See attached list of attendees (87+ including DNR staff, presenters, late comers who did not sign in)

FOLM Board present: Tom Braddy, Don DeLong, Mark Genereux, Tony Host, Bob Lappe, Meribah Moore Christensen, Ron Tekippe, Gary Woods, Marge Shoemaker

FOLM Board absent: Dave Holcomb, Todd McCarty

President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. Gary Woods had already handed out the 2014 FOLM Financial Report (attached). Marge handed out ballots to be collected at the end of the meeting. (34 ballots were cast. Tony Host and Marge Shoemaker were both reelected. There was one write in vote for Ron Pierce.)After welcoming remarks, Tom handed the meeting over to Todd Coffelt, DNR Park Supervisor, who presided over the DNR Public Meeting


Mike Sotak and Sara Mechlenberg (FYRA Engineering) reviewed the pre-dredge feasibility study. The dredge is a multi-phase project which includes getting the sand under the silt overlay, minimizing the environmental impact, and maintaining recreational opportunities. Dredging methods were described: wet mechanical (scooping out), dry/zoned (coffer dams), hydraulic dredge (barge), and SSD (sub surface dredging – syphoning sand from beneath the silt layer).  Dredging would avoid the area near Indian Creek and the Missouri River. Target depth is an average of 6 feet.

Water quality would be increased to 4.5 feet (this is a target they are shooting for) of clarity as compared to current 1.3 feet of clarity, to be accomplished by reducing the pollutant load through the dredge and clearing the southeast corner for drainage. (See Proposed Water Quality Plan handout for details. It needs to be pointed out that this Water Quality Plan is NOT the dredging plan. This is an optimal plan from a fisheries habitat standpoint. Dredging on the west end of the lake still will not occur or will be minimal.) Boating, fishing, and other water recreation activities which disturb the silt impact the internal load. Efforts are being made to sell dredge material to IDOT to be used in the current highway improvement project (PCI would like sand by March, 2015.) (See Schedule handout for details. Project is currently at Task 4: Plans and specifications. Dredge could start summer 2015.

Todd Coffelt said he would like to set up an advisory committee made up of one representative from each group of stakeholders (including but not limited to: Fish and Game, FOLM,  Lake Manawa Sailing Association, Lake Manawa Kite Boarders, and property owners representing Lakewood Villa, Cottage Row, Westlake Village, Pelican Cove, and the North Shore) to meet on November 12, 2014 at a time and location to be announced.


Angela Corio, IDNR, reviewed an abbreviated “Timeline of Events” impacting the campground project (see attached handout). She reported that the location of the transitory eagles’ nest would require the campground to be closed from July 1 to November 1 each year…which includes some of the busiest times of use.  She then reviewed the Proposed Campground Redevelopment at the current campground site (see handout) which would include 51 full hook-up sites, but no bath house or dump facility, and no special accommodations for tent camping…although tent camping would be allowed at the hook-up sites. A 75’ to 80’ buffer for residents along the south side of the campground (Lakewood Villa) would be provided by a road between the fence and the camp sites and plantings along the fence line.


Concern about the proximity of the campground to various recreation areas. Safety and security is a major concern. Options: Fewer campsites at the North Point location, Low-usage areas within the park, Area southwest of Dream Playground and Swimming  Beach,                                                                                       Development of the “trailer park” area.

QUESTIONS:                                                                                                                                                                       DNR funding for these projects? Dredge through lake restoration funds; campground from funds granted by the legislature for infrastructure.                                                                                                                 Campground would be closed during renovation/relocation.                                                                        Department of Transportation (IDOT)is responsible for State Park roads.  Iowa Fees?                                 Peak season: currently $16 for electric; $10 for non-electric. Off season: $11 for electric, $6 for non-electric. Full hook-up would be $19 per day. There is currently a sixteen day limit for each campsite.

Todd Coffelt closed the meeting at about 8:30 by thanking everyone for coming and for their input.

Respectfully submitted:


Marge Shoemaker, Secretary