Posting Policy

Posting Policy from Board Meeting 03/26/2023:
Our mission is to organize a community based approach to preserve and continuously improve Lake Manawa State Park, to educate the public regarding the issues impacting their quality of life, the health of their air, land, and water and encourage participation in achieving the stated goals, and to support the implementation of goals established by the public and the Friends of Lake Manawa committee.
Guidelines for posting to Facebook page:
1. This group was created to celebrate the beauty to preserve Lake Manawa State Park. It isn’t a place for promoting your business, or a place to sell equipment, or a place to argue or make fun of others.
2. Please respect the rules and treat people with respect, just like you would if you were standing next to them and not on the internet.
3. No Links, Hashtags, Solicitation, or Illegal Activities.
4. No multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted.
5. Be courteous. Disparaging remarks to Admins or other Members will be means for immediate removal.
6. Any usage of profanity is an automatic removal of a post and block of future posts.
7. No drama. We don’t limit free speech, we limit drama. Treat people with respect.
Thank you.