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Minutes – FOLM Board
3-27-24, CB Fish & Game
President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Braddy, Joni Elliff, David Holcomb, Tony Host, Ron Tekippe, Gary
Woods, Marge Shoemaker
ABSENT: Luke Northwall
PARK STAFF: Gavin Campbell, Chris Anunson
SUGGESTION: Richard Price be included on our Board list.
FIREWORKS: Joni and Tom are both on the Fireworks Committee. 2024 Manawa Fireworks
show is planned for Sunday, June 30 with the rainout date being Sunday, July 7. Because this is
the 75th Anniversary of the Manawa Fireworks a “bigger and better than ever” show is planned.
Advertising, notices, and requests for donations will appear shortly. There were some glitches
last year synchronizing with the music…they have been attended to.
POST OFFICE BOX: Luke has suggested that we close the PO Box due to lack of use, and it’s an
unnecessary expense. Luke and Marge will decide on what physical address with be used for
FOLM. MOTION: (Dave/Ron) Discontinue the Post Office Box. (The Box is closed. In the future
use this address: FOLM, c/o Marge Shoemaker, 77 Lakewood Villa, CB, IA 51501)
CLEAN-UP DAYS: SPRING: May 5, 2024 (First Sunday in May). Meet in the Playground parking lot
at 1:00 p.m. and spread out from there. Water and gloves will be provided.
FALL: Saturday, September 21, 2024 (Third Saturday in September & National Volunteer Day.
Meet in the Playground parking lot at 10:00 a.m. and spread out from there.
Joni will make contact for signage for both Clean-Up days and post where necessary. FOLM
Board members should reach out to local groups: Scout troops…Nick McVey (on the F&G
Board) works with Scouting groups. Other groups might include high school ROTC, 4-H Clubs,
Cheer Groups, and other Service organizations.
SEASONAL STAFF: Richard Price takes care of the water and Gavin takes care of the park. Both
are working with the staff available.
POLLINATORS: Discussion of providing/planting seeds of native plants. The Milkweed for
Monarchs sign needs repair, and that area has been overgrown. If FOLM wants to mount a
pollinator planting program we need to chat and/or coordinate with Michelle Reinig, Southwest
District Supervisor.
Ron will call City Parks for their advice.
PICKLEBALL COURST: Ron suggested using rarely used parking lots as Pickleball Courts. It should
be easy to paint or otherwise mark the boundaries. It was suggested clubs bring their own
gear, such as nets, paddles, and balls. Chris Anunson discouraged using lots designated for

parking as it would lead to confusion. It was also suggested a Pickleball area be located near the
STATE OF THE PARK REPORT from Gavin and Chris:
TREES: 100 trees have been cut down. DNR Forestry did what they could and hired professional
private contractors and certified workers to handle what was difficult or dangerous. Most of
the cutting was dying ash, dead and fallen timber. Wood and branches were donated to the
WORK: The Beach building is being fixed up both inside and outside with updated bathrooms,
new countertops, and lighting.
Boat ramps have been extended with concrete mesh that should help with erosion.
There is a surfacing issue with the Playground. Areas need to be updated to maintain ADA
compliance. Some equipment is showing wear from use and age. The rubberized material
needs to be replaced with new.
The road around the south and west sides of the lake is included in plans this fall for overlay
from Scout Island to the north end and the south 11 th Street entrance.
Law Enforcement encourages park users to call the State Patrol in emergencies. The
Conservation team is primarily responsible for water safety and enforcement. The new Police
Chief is Matt Davis. He is aware the CBPD may get calls regarding problems at Manawa.
ANNUAL MEETING: The annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2024, to
begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Fish and Game Club. Notices will be sent out and posted. Invitations
will include DNR personnel and local political representatives.
The sewer leak to the river ramp, which required closing of the access road, has been fixed.
Work is finally being completed on the levee where Indian Creek meets the Missouri River.
LAKE LEVEL: The input has been on. There is adequate water coming from Mosquito Creek. The
area around the Lake input pipe will be maintained. PLEASE NOTE: All oxbow or cut-off lakes on
the Missouri are low. We need soaking rain to raise the water table to raise and maintain the
lake level. Please boat safely.
MUSIC AT MANAWA: Marge is working with Musicians’ Union Local 70-558. DNR policy is NO
AMPS at Manawa because of complaints from residents. Rather than using a picnic shelter it
was suggested going to the North Point and using the parking lot “lollipop” near the boat-
parking lot. Evenings during the week are not too busy. This is a general use area with easy

access. Marge will work with the Union regarding acoustic musicians. Gavin and Chris are taking
this under advisement. Meeting adjourned 8:15 p.m.


Posting Policy

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Posting Policy from Board Meeting 03/26/2023:   Our mission is to organize a community based approach to preserve and continuously improve Lake Manawa State Park, to educate the public regarding the issues impacting their quality of life, the health of their air, land, and water and encourage participation in achieving the stated goals, and to support the implementation of goals established by the public and the Friends of Lake Manawa committee.   Guidelines for posting to Facebook page:   1. This group was created to celebrate the beauty to preserve Lake Manawa State Park. It isn’t a place for promoting your business, or a place to sell equipment, or a place to argue or make fun of others. 2. Please respect the rules and treat people with respect, just like you would if you were standing next to them and not on the internet. 3. No Links, Hashtags, Solicitation, or Illegal Activities. 4. No multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted. 5. Be courteous. Disparaging remarks to Admins or other Members will be means for immediate removal. 6. Any usage of profanity is an automatic removal of a post and block of future posts. 7. No drama. We don’t limit free speech, we limit drama. Treat people with respect.   Thank...

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2010 Draft By-Laws

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BYLAWS OF FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA, INC. SECTION 1: OFFICE LOCATION 1-1. Principal Office. The principal office of the Corporation shall be located in the City of Council Bluffs, County of Pottawattamie and State of Iowa. The Corporation may also have such offices at such other places within or without the State as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. Click here to download the 2010 Draft By-Laws

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Previous By-Laws

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