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FOLM 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes
October 13, 2021
Council Bluffs Fish & Game Club
Board Members: Present: Tom Braddy, Joni Elliff, Tony Host, Luke Northwall, Marge
Shoemaker, Ron Tekippe, Gary Woods. Excused: David Holcomb
Guests: Iowa State Senator Dan Dawson, Iowa State Representative Brent Siegrist.
IDNR: Michelle Reinig, SWI District Supervisor; Darin Hofer, Acting Park Manager/Ranger.
President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Guests were introduced.
ELECTION: Tom introduced 2021 Candidates for the Board: Tony Host, Marge Shoemaker, Ron
Tekippe (held over from 2020). MOTION: (Luke/Gary) Call for a voice vote. Carried
unanimously. All were reelected.Tom and Ron explained the Ice Fishing Derby and Playground Accounts as being held in reserve
for those entities and not part of FOLM General Account.
FISHERIES: Bryan Hayes from Fisheries couldn’t make it due to a death in the family. He
reported to Tom that $75,000 has been budgeted for Manawa fish habitat.
DREDGE & LAKE: George Antiniou from Lakes couldn’t make it. He reported to Tom that spoils
from the Dredge have been contracted to the City for work on the levees through 2023. They
are nearly removed now. At present no further dredging is scheduled. Plans for Phase 3 are
uncertain at this time. So far more than one-million cubic yards of material has been removed.
30 acres of American Lotus have been sprayed by a private contractor with good results.
CAMPGROUND: Michelle Reinig reported there are still some finishing touches (i.e. tables,
trees, wiring, trails, etc.) needed. Seeding and roads are in. The Campground will hopefully be
open in spring, 2022. Plans are to be open annually from April 15 to October 15 although
weather may delay opening until Memorial Day.
STATE OF THE PARK: Darin Hofer, Acting Park Manager, is currently the sole staff member at
the Park. Water Patrol personnel are available on busy weekends and when needed. Dan
Jacobs comes in part time to help out with paperwork, etc. Some seasonal staff is still available.Darin advises: Anyone with an emergency should call 911 and they will contact the proper Park
authority. Otherwise, leave your name and phone number with a message explaining your
question or need. He will get back to you as soon as possible.
Regarding E.coli bacteria occurs naturally in lakes. Conditions spike when there is no rain or we
experience extreme heat. Once the threshold rises it’s difficult to bring it back down…the
reason a ‘beach monitoring’ program was developed.
FIREWORKS: Tom reports the Planning Committee includes members from police department,
fire department, DOT, Iowa State Highway Patrol among other ‘stakeholders’ concerned with
various aspects of the event. This year FOLM (as managing entity—we sign the contract) was
required to furnish Porta-Potties, dumpsters, traffic/crowd control, and clean-up the next day.
Our insurance provider is concerned with increased risk to the Board…not to mention extra
time and expense. For the past several years, FOLM (together with the Fireworks Committee)
has had sole responsibility. The FOLM Board of Directors has voted unanimously to cease FOLM
management. It is our opinion that this would be an excellent COMMUNITY EVENT…and not
just the responsibility of the FOLM Board. The Committee is looking for a different sponsor.
Discussion: There is concern regarding fireworks debris in the Lake. Numerous other lakes hold
fireworks…however they are not hosting 5,000 – 10,000 cars. Other organizations around Lake
Manawa have shouldered responsibility for the show. The FOLM Board feels it’s time for a
larger organization than any of these to step up.
QUESTION regarding the financial outcome of selling the dredge spoils. Michelle Reinig says all
receipts from the Campground and sale of Dredge spoils goes to the IDNR.
QUESTION regarding Park Manager. Michelle Spunaugle was here for two months. She decided
for personal reasons that this posting was not going to work for her. Search for a Park Manager
in part is on hold until a new Director of the Parks Bureau is found.
QUESTION regarding trail connection from campground to bike trail. Signage will be updated
directing bikers to proper trail usage rather than park road. Informational and interpretive signs
will also be updated and/or replaced as needed. The road around the Lake is addressed in the
5-year plan.
QUESTION regarding fishing dock by campground. One is not in the original plans. Fishermen
usually find a place that suits their needs.
QUESTION regarding Park User Fees. A report will be made and submitted as soon as all the
paperwork gets done. Comments were made on difficulty of enforcement with exemptions. The
question regarding citations has been discussed with responsible authority. The User Fee will be
collected through 2022. Senator Dawson replied they are waiting for Todd Coffelt (former
Director of Parks Bureau reassigned to Legal) replacement to act as liaison with data. Michelle
Reinig says the position was opened for bids October 1, 2021.

QUESTION regarding riprap. Michelle reports it is intended for shoreline control and
conservation…especially by Site 7. Plans are also to address prop-wash by the boat ramps.
QUESTION regarding possibility of installing a walkway/bikeway around the Lake, especially on
the west side where people are walking/biking on the roadway. This will be addressed in the 5-
year Plan, along with updating signage.
QUESTION regarding upkeep of Playground…especially mulch, sand, and graffiti. Darin Hofer
reports the Sand is being done. He’ll get to the Mulch and take care of the graffiti as soon as
QUESTION regarding low water level in the Lake: There’s only one way for water to get into the
lake (the tube from Mosquito Creek) and several ways for it to get out (evaporation due to sun
and wind, some leakage, low water table, etc.). The tube has been on all summer. The water
from the tube is fine unless we have a lot of rain…then muddy water comes into the lake and
silt ends up at the end of the tube. George Antiniou is aware something needs to be done to
make the intake valve more efficient. Weirs (collapsible dams) are for flood control.
Senator Dawson reports the Ways and Means Committee is in a planning phase, since Fiscal
Year 2021 is just completed. Results of a sales tax increase will be used to improve water
quality across the state. IWILL (2010 election raising the sales tax $.01) is now a bill and will be
The pilot program regarding the user fee had some problems (such as legalities in enforcement)
that are being taken care of.
The Senate is concerned about water quality, conservation, and keeping DNR employees in the
Representative Siegrist reports the House is currently discussing the redistricting/remapping
project and will be looking at a second map due out in the next couple of weeks. He along with
Senator Dawson, are working on more money going into the system to rebuild Iowa
Marge reported the 2021 REAP Assembly session for Region 17 (counties of Pottawattamie,
Harrison, Shelby, and Cass) will be held Wednesday, October 27, 2021 starting at 6:30 in the
Council Bluffs Public Library. Representatives from this Region will be selected to attend the
REAP Congress in January.
MOTION to adjourn (Ron/Tony) carried unanimously at 8:15.

Posting Policy

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Posting Policy from Board Meeting 4/15/19:   Our mission is to organize a community based approach to preserve and continuously improve Lake Manawa State Park, to educate the public regarding the issues impacting their quality of life, the health of their air, land, and water and encourage participation in achieving the stated goals, and to support the implementation of goals established by the public and the Friends of Lake Manawa committee.   Guidelines for posting to Facebook page:   1. This group was created to celebrate the beauty to preserve Lake Manawa State Park. It isn’t a place for promoting your business, or a place to sell equipment, or a place to argue or make fun of others. 2. Please respect the rules and treat people with respect, just like you would if you were standing next to them and not on the internet. 3. No Links, Hashtags, Solicitation, or Illegal Activities. 4. No multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted. 5. Be courteous. Disparaging remarks to Admins or other Members will be means for immediate removal. 6. Any usage of profanity is an automatic removal of a post and block of future posts. 7. No drama. We don’t limit free speech, we limit drama. Treat people with respect.   Thank...

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