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FOLM 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2022
Council Bluffs Fish & Game Club
President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
Board Members: Tom Braddy, Joni Elliff, David Holcomb, Tony Host, Luke Northwall, Ron
Tekippe, Gary Woods, Marge Shoemaker, and Park Manager Grant Carstens
Guests: Bryan Hayes, I-DNR Fisheries Biologist; Richard Price, I-DNR Conservation Officer
FOLM Members: Sue & John Floerchinger, Sandy Host, Renee Northwall, Gwen Teeple, Bobbie
and Jim Murphy, Nancy Jones, Keith Jones, Maddy Carstens, Joanie Tekippe, Tom Reardon,
Duane Barrier
ELECTION: Motion (Luke Northwall/Ron Tekippe) to take a voice vote to reelect David Holcomb
to the Board of Directors. David was elected unanimously.
Clean-Up Days: Marge reported that both Spring (Sunday, 5/1/2022 – North Point) and Fall
(Saturday, 9/24/2022 – Playground) had good turnout. Discussion regarding details and possible
changes was tabled until next meeting.
Bryan Hayes: Topics included lake restoration (increasing average depth from 6.1 to 9 feet), fish
habitat, fish stocking, and American Lotus control.
Restoration: The Dredge Project was to include three phases, each phase to dredge at
least 500,000 cubic yards of high grade material to be sold to recoup part of the dredge cost.
Phase 1: 2015; 500,000 c.y.; sold to MidAmerican Energy for about $4 million. Phase 2: 2020;
500,000+ c.y. sold to City of Council Bluffs for use rebuilding the levees after the flood for about
$1.8 million. Phase 3: Dredge included in the budget for $6 to $8 million (approximate amount
netted from Phases 1 and 2) to improve water quality. Tom Braddy reported for George
Antinoui that the City has until 2023 to remove dredged materials. The dredge hasn’t been
performed annually in order to let things “settle” after each dredge to determine the dredge
effect to the lake.
Habitat: New depth should provide good fish habitat. A $75 thousand project is
currently in the works to build rock reefs in several areas of the Lake: off the North Point where

an 11’ clay ridge has been left in the center of a 20 foot hole; in the East Bay near Tin Can Dike;
and in the soft-bottomed North Bay. Maintaining the lakebed seal is a priority.
A grant from Bass Pro could be used in establishing fish habitat. Any project should be
“shovel ready”. Shoreline access could be available through piers/jetties around the west side
and near the campground. Any new construction would be handicap-accessible. If approved,
construction could begin in March. Habitat construction could include rock and/or scrub cedar
Fish Stocking: Basically stocking is done with fingerlings. About 8 thousand Walleye and
Wipers are stocked annually. About 5 thousand Channel Cats are stocked biannually. About 4
thousand Blue Cats are to be stocked in 2022 and 2023; stocked Blues are 8” to 10” long and
grow bigger than Channels.
American Lotus: These invasive plants are found in Manawa, Carter, and other Iowa
lakes. In the past few years at Manawa a spraying treatment by Aquatic Control has been
accomplished: 2013, 14 acres in East Bay and Tin Can Dike; 2018, 30 acres in East Bay; 2020, 45
acres near Boy Scout Island and Lakewood Villa; 2022, 30 acres, various locations. The plants
spread through rhizomes. Spray treatment using an air boat costs about $205/acre. Aquatic
Control is considering establishing an office in Iowa which will lower the cost somewhat. New
technology using a drone would lower the cost further to around $44/acre and would spray 20
acres/hour. Spray treatment is generally done in August or September.
Homeowners can help control by pulling or cutting the plant. Boat lanes need to be
approximately 15’ wide. The chemical spray is a glyceride product with no adverse effect on
fish. No restrictions are listed on the label. A drone would spray 1-2 gallons per load.
Richard Price, the Conservation Officer covering Mills and Pottawattamie Counties, is a
graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs and lives near Twin City.
Most of Richard’s work has been enforcing Dock Laws. Solid dock roofs—especially if
metal—are unlawful unless installed prior to 2010. There should be 10’ between docks on the
waterway and 10’ between property lines. Water way should be 15’.
Richard is also a Water Patrol/Law Enforcement Officer in both Manawa and Carter Lake
and on the River. In the event Park Rangers are retitled as Conservation Officers and if Park
Staff are required to establish housing out of the Park boundaries, Richard would be one of the
first to be called to an incident at Manawa since he lives just a few minutes away. Summer help
needs housing. Currently four Water Patrol “Season Hires” are sharing housing at Manawa (the
little red house near the main boat ramp on the south side). In addition to Manawa they are
also cover Carter Lake and the Missouri River from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It would help if
they could find someplace with reasonable rent.
Richard advises us all: Pay attention to speed and distance when boating. Watch out for
jet skis. Limit drinking while boating. Be sure anyone running a boat has some prior training (If
someone runs into a dock or other structure on or near the water? They probably have no
Grant Carstens: The Campground had a “soft” opening on June 1, 2022 and 8 sites were filled.
To date, there have been1751 reservations and the 40 sites are booked to 86% capacity.

The campground closes October 15 and reopens April 15. There have been no enforcement
response calls made at the Campground.
The Non-resident fee is still hard to enforce: citations go to the person, not the car;
special enforcement is required; concessionaire (beach) customers are exempt.

The daily Non-resident User Fee from April through September is
$5.00, an Annual Pass is $114. The DOT lighted signs at the entrances have helped. The Non-
resident fee has been extended to 2025 in Waubonsie and Manawa State Parks.
Plans for Manawa State Park this winter include ripping out the fence on the south side
of South Shore Drive as part of wildlife management. Prairie seed will be sowed near the
Campground. A site map of infrastructure (plumbing, electric, etc.) is available making it
possible to plant trees.
New signage has been installed at the entrances to the Park. Similar style directional
signage will be installed. Signs are metal rather than wood and should last longer.
Plans are being made to facilitate and advertise the Park and Campground during special
events, such as the College World Series.
A lengthy discussion was had regarding no staff housing in the park. Formerly to be in effect by
the end of the year, this requirement has been deferred until November, 2023. FOLM members
can talk to their legislators. A good point to make: the nearest Enforcement Officer, if needed,
is 5 miles away. Comments can be made to the Director of the Department of Natural
Resources or the Governor. In Pott County the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is
in charge of Conservation Officers and Rangers at Hitchcock, Arrowhead, and Bottna Bend,
Darin Hofer is the primary law enforcement at Manawa State Park. Grant Carstens said
Darin has served 450 citations, made 40 arrests, dealt with 36 drug incidents, and 3 stolen cars.
There have been several “double enforcement” incidents where multiple visits are made. If all
Park Staff is required to live outside of Park Boundaries maintaining this level of enforcement
will be difficult.
Response to a question regarding controlled burns: Controlled burns have been
discussed. Eppley Airfield and Offutt Air Force Base worry about the resulting smoke.
Conditions on the “wet” side of the levee are a concern. A comment followed regarding the use
of goats to control the undergrowth.
Comments/replies regarding: the condition of the South Shore Drive and the Bike
Path—work continues on maintaining the roads. The Bike Path may follow in the name of
safety; maintaining the water level—the tube is open if the water quality is good to 1 foot.
Since many questions regarding maintenance refer to budget items, it was suggested
letting our legislators know our concerns.
Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Marge Shoemaker, Secretary

Posting Policy

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Posting Policy from Board Meeting 4/15/19:   Our mission is to organize a community based approach to preserve and continuously improve Lake Manawa State Park, to educate the public regarding the issues impacting their quality of life, the health of their air, land, and water and encourage participation in achieving the stated goals, and to support the implementation of goals established by the public and the Friends of Lake Manawa committee.   Guidelines for posting to Facebook page:   1. This group was created to celebrate the beauty to preserve Lake Manawa State Park. It isn’t a place for promoting your business, or a place to sell equipment, or a place to argue or make fun of others. 2. Please respect the rules and treat people with respect, just like you would if you were standing next to them and not on the internet. 3. No Links, Hashtags, Solicitation, or Illegal Activities. 4. No multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted. 5. Be courteous. Disparaging remarks to Admins or other Members will be means for immediate removal. 6. Any usage of profanity is an automatic removal of a post and block of future posts. 7. No drama. We don’t limit free speech, we limit drama. Treat people with respect.   Thank...

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BYLAWS OF FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA, INC. SECTION 1: OFFICE LOCATION 1-1. Principal Office. The principal office of the Corporation shall be located in the City of Council Bluffs, County of Pottawattamie and State of Iowa. The Corporation may also have such offices at such other places within or without the State as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. Click here to download the 2010 Draft By-Laws

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