Iowa DNR Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver


Cleanup day is set for Saturday, September 21, 2024 @ 10:00 pm. Please meet at the Dreamland Playground to help us clear YOUR park of all trash. I think you will be very surprised at what the DNR deals with in trash, they cannot do it by themselves! We need as many bodies as we can get. We are the busiest park in Iowa with over 3 million visitors each year. We are asking for as many people as we can possibly get to help out this year. The park is 1,529 acres with 784 acres of lake. The staff to take care of the park is very limited.
We have over 60,000 people in Council Bluffs with much of our traffic coming from Nebraska. In the past few years, we have had 20-25 people help us out. This is disturbing since we are the only state park locally that offers the ammenities of Lake Manawa. Humans are literally destroying this park. We welcome anyone and everyone to the challenge. Local organizations looking for community service, what a great opportunity!

Volunteers, please print, fill out & sign, and bring this waiver with you to the clean-up day event, as it will greatly help expedite the sign-in process for all of our volunteers!

Children volunteering at lake clean-up day will also need a signed form.  Adult group leaders may sign as legal guardians if children’s parents are not present at the event.

Thank you!

Liability Release Waiver