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Ice Hockey!

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Having fun on the lake by Fish and Game...

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Annual Hike!

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This year’s annual hike will be different in the sense that we will not be hiking together as a way to maintain social distancing. Although our planned route is signed with directional arrows that lead hikers around the dredge sand pile. We hope you can make it outside to start the new year off the best way possible, in a state park! The starting point for the hike is the parking lots at the intersection of South Shore Dr and Catfish Rd (river boat ramp access). Be sure to read the poster for a chance to win a stay in cabin at Lake Darling State...

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Friends of Lake Manawa (FOLM) Annual Report 2020

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This Annual Report is being submitted in lieu of holding the FOLM Annual Meeting, which was canceled due to the Corona Virus and COVID-19. The following regularly scheduled events were also canceled or postponed in an effort to avoid large gatherings:             Milkweed for Monarchs – usually planting milkweed is done in the spring. We hope something can be done in 2021.             Annual Clean-up Day – usually held the first Sunday in May, was postponed to coincide with the DNR State-wide Annual Volunteer Day on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Turnout was light.             Annual Lake Manawa Fireworks Show – cancelled due the tendency to draw large crowds. Local law enforcement that usually helps with traffic control was not available due to conflicting fireworks events.             FOLM Annual Meeting – generally held in mid-October. No election of Board Members was held. All current Board Members have agreed to serve. Gary Woods resigned as Treasurer and Luke Northwall has taken on that position. Tom Braddy, David Holcomb, Tony Host, Luke Northwall, Marge Shoemaker, Ron Tekippe, and Gary Woods continue as Board Members. Dan Jacobs and Darin Hofer serve as liaisons to the DNR. CAMPGROUND UPDATE: At 1:00 P.M. on Thursday, September 24, 2020, Manawa State Park hosted the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new campground. Visitors, guests, and dignitaries met at Picnic Site 6 for the Ceremony. Todd Coffelt, Bureau Chief, Parks, Forests, and Preserves made introductions and welcoming remarks. Tom Braddy gave remarks for the Friends of Lake Manawa. Kayla Lyon, Director, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, gave congratulatory remarks. Those “turning a shovel” at the groundbreaking included: DNR Parks Chief Todd Coffelt, FOLM President Tom Braddy, IA State Senator Dan Dawson, FOLM Board Member Marge Shoemaker, DNR Director Kayla Lyon, IA State Senator Tom Shipley, and National Park Service Regional Director Bert Frost. Also in attendance were Southwest IA Supervisor of Parks, Forests and Preserves Michelle Reinig, Board Member Gary Woods, and other community members and dignitaries. The new campground will be located west of the Reimagined Dream Playground and the Manawa Swimming Beach in the area where picnic sites 1 and 2 are located. 40 Full-Service Sites will offer water, electric and sewer hookups, and concrete slabs available for recreation vehicles. The grounds will also have a concrete parking lot and a bathroom with shower area. Construction will begin as soon as possible. Opening is anticipated for late summer or early fall, 2021. DREDGE UPDATE: FYRA Engineering documented a suite of water quality improvement efforts that included, among other things, a total of 1.5 million cubic yards (CY) of dredging. This would lead to increasing the mean depth of the lake from 6.1 feet to approximately 8.2 feet. In 2016 DNR contracted with J.F. Brennan to remove 500,000 CY of sand/material from Lake Manawa. These materials were stockpiled in an area between South Shore Road and the Missouri River levee. In 2018 Ames Construction, Inc., working on behalf of Mid-American Energy repurposed the stockpiled sand for Mid-American’s construction needs. $2.35 million in sand and gravel royalties generated from sales of the material helped mitigate the total cost of $4.2 million to the DNR. Beginning in 2018 the DNR began working with the City of Council Bluffs to develop a second phase dredge to achieve water quality benefits at...

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Annual Meeting 2019 Minutes

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FOLM 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes October 16, 2019 Fish & Game Club Board Members Present: Tom Braddy, Dave Holcomb, Gary Woods, Dan Jacobs (DNR) Park Manager, Jake Schaben (DNR) Park Ranger, Marge Shoemaker; Tony Host & Ron Tekippe excused Guests: Iowa State Senator Dan Dawson; Iowa State Representative MaryAnn Hanusa; City Council candidates Deb Bass & Joe DiSalvo; Iowa DNR: Lindsey Barney – Forestry; George Antinou –  Lakes; Bryan Hayes – Fisheries; Michelle Reiking – Zone 6 Supervisor; Brent Martin – Technician (Manawa & Waubonsie State Parks) President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board Members and Guests were introduced. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Gary Woods handed out 2019 Treasurer’s report (copy attached). Account Balances as of September 30, 2019: General: $6,538.52; Fireworks: $3,935.72; Ice Fishing: ($15,361.50 CD + $6,033.76 checking) $21,395.26; Dream Playground: $9,957.95. Consolidated Balance: $41,827.45 ELECTION: Secretary Marge Shoemaker introduced Tom Braddy and Gary Woods as candidates for re-election to the Board. A voice vote was called. Both re-elected unanimously. SPECIAL SPEAKER LINDSEY BARNEY: Lake Manawa Forestry Management Plan. Priorities as follow: HIGH: young forest growth and brush growth, especially in public areas, inspected annually. MEDIUM: flood damaged areas will be attended as needed as soon as possible. LOW: dense cottonwood and invasive scrub will be treated when funds are available. Native Sycamore, Maple, Willow, and Cottonwood show strong growth. Invasive Japanese Hops are plentiful; control is attempted. In the future (when water levels are down and access is possible) planting will be done in flood damaged areas with possible adaptation to public use. Reforestation is a possibility. Prescribed burns are not advised…there’s too much dry and dead wood and undergrowth. Even live trees are susceptible to burning as we saw in the Riverside ATV Park a couple years ago. Shade from healthy trees helps deter undergrowth which in turn deters fire risk. If dead trees are seen that may be a danger to the public, call Dan Jacobs, Park Manager. (712 366 0220) DREDGE UPDATE: George Antiniou:  The sand from the test dredge was marketable but not marketed. Maintaining the containment site was expensive. Ultimately the dredge material was removed by Ames Construction from the containment site by the end of 2018 and 500,000 cubic yards of sand was used to cover MidAmerican Energy coal ash pits. Since then the DNR has formed a partnership with the City of Council Bluffs in a cooperative effort financially (CB 30%/DNR 70%) to do a second 500,000 cubic yard dredge with the materials to be used by the city to raise the levees. On 10/24/19 bid requests will go out with the contract to be awarded in December. Selected Bidder has to the end of 2020 to complete the dredge. Some of the dredge material will be used to fill holes in the Lake. Included in the dredge area are the entrance of Mosquito Lake pipe and the North Peninsula. The City has to the end of 2023 to use the dredge materials. A question was raised about the lake level and possibility of pumping. State Senator Dan Dawson said he had talked to the Mayor. It’s possible. All the water used to float the dredge materials to the containment site were returned to the lake. A general discussion of concerns about the saturated areas...

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Posting Policy

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Posting Policy from Board Meeting 4/15/19:   Our mission is to organize a community based approach to preserve and continuously improve Lake Manawa State Park, to educate the public regarding the issues impacting their quality of life, the health of their air, land, and water and encourage participation in achieving the stated goals, and to support the implementation of goals established by the public and the Friends of Lake Manawa committee.   Guidelines for posting to Facebook page:   1. This group was created to celebrate the beauty to preserve Lake Manawa State Park. It isn’t a place for promoting your business, or a place to sell equipment, or a place to argue or make fun of others. 2. Please respect the rules and treat people with respect, just like you would if you were standing next to them and not on the internet. 3. No Links, Hashtags, Solicitation, or Illegal Activities. 4. No multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that is copied and pasted. 5. Be courteous. Disparaging remarks to Admins or other Members will be means for immediate removal. 6. Any usage of profanity is an automatic removal of a post and block of future posts. 7. No drama. We don’t limit free speech, we limit drama. Treat people with respect.   Thank...

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Friends of Lake Manawa Annual Meeting

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When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:00PM Where: The Council Bluffs Fish and Game Club, 531 Comanche St. – upstairs meeting room Agenda: Election of Board Members, FOLM project update, Park update If you are not a current voting member and would like to be one, please visit the ‘Become a Member’ tab to join as an individual, family, or...

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2017 Lake Manawa Fireworks

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Please join us for the 2017 Lake Manawa Fireworks Show! Listen on 101.9 The Keg. Parking is available in lots all around the lake. Consider becoming a sponsor of the show! Donations can be made on the Donate tab! Your donation is tax deductible....

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13th Annual Lake Manawa Clean-Up Day!

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Join us for the 13th Annual All-Volunteer Lake Manawa Clean-Up Day on Sunday, May 7th from 1-3PM! Meet at 1:00PM at Shelter #6 to pick up supplies and help us clean up Manawa State Park! Litter bags, gloves, bottled water, sunscreen, and insect repellent will be provided. Please wear protective clothing! For more information, email friendsoflakemanawa@gmail.com No sign-up or registration is necessary – please come and help us clean up the lake!   2017 Clean-Up Day...

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Become a Lake Manawa Fireworks Sponsor

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Please join us as a sponsor for the 2016 Lake Manawa Fireworks display and help give our Council Bluffs community a special event to be proud of.  The event will be held Saturday, July 2, 2016 at Lake Manawa State Park at dusk and will be synced along with music that will be broadcast on 101.9 The Keg. At each sponsorship level your company will receive corresponding recognition.  Please refer to the sponsor form below to select the level that works for you and/or your organization. Lake Manawa’s tradition of providing the community with a firework display goes back many years.  It is a proud tradition of providing the community with a family event that can be enjoyed by many.  The event will be sponsored by Friends of Lake Manawa, a special group dedicated to improving the Lake Manawa area.  This is a non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible! We hope you will participate as a sponsor at the level of your choice.  If you have any questions, please call Jeremy or Jerry at 712-366-0525 Sincerely, Fireworks Committee Trent Cozad (Chair) (Black Hills Energy), Tom Braddy (Friends of Lake Manawa), Jeremy Buthe (CBCC), Brian Biederman (First National Bank), Jerry Willer (CBCC), Todd McCarty (ISD Marketing) Donate Here: (Click on Donate and reference “Fireworks” in the PayPal information field): Lake Manawa Fireworks Sponsor Sponsorship Document: 2016 Lake Manawa Fireworks...

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Lake Manawa Dredge Test – 2016

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Specific questions about the upcoming Lake Manawa Dredge should be directed to Park Manager Dan Jacobs at 712-366-0220 Tentative Dredge Schedule is as follows: March 16th to April 1st: containment site prep, processing plant setup at containment site, run pipes from lake to containment site to carry dredge material. April 1st – April 10th: Dredge arrival and setup April 10th – Dredge will begin, operation will continue for approximately 120 days. The dredge will run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Other than closing part of the south boat ramp area for the week the dredge arrives, all boat ramps will be open. Hazard Zone Markers: Boat Landing Signs PDF: Boat Landing Signs The link below is the buoy plan for the dredge operation. There will be five acres around the dredge and the area around the pipeline where boat traffic will be restricted. The pass through area between the dredge and the North point will be indicated by green and red buoys. Lake Manawa In-Lake Buoy Plan Document (Word): Lake Manawa In Lake Buoy Plan Specific questions about the upcoming Lake Manawa Dredge should be directed to Park Manager Dan Jacobs at...

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FOLM 2015 Annual Meeting and I-DNR Meeting

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The 2015 FOLM ANNUAL MEETING is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. at the WESTERN HISTORIC TRAILS CENTER. The AGENDA includes Election of Board Members and FOLM Annual Financial Report, and other business as deemed necessary. On the Ballot this year are returning Board Members Mark Genereux and David Holcomb. Following this very short business meeting the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (I-DNR) is hosting a PUBLIC MEETING for the purpose of providing information on the CAMPGROUND RENOVATION PROJECT as well as an update on the LAKE RESTORATION PROJECT. To VOTE in the election you must have a current 2015 FOLM membership. 2015 dues MUST BE PAID by October 1, 2015. If you, or someone you know, would like a voting membership for 2015 you can sign-up, renew, and pay via PayPal at the Become a Member/Donate tab of our Website. Membership forms will be available for renewal and/or new 2016 memberships at the meeting. The doors will be open at 6:00 p.m. See you there! FOLM 2015 Annual Meeting AGENDA: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. at the WESTERN HISTORIC TRAILS CENTER. FOLM: Election of Board Members… Financial Report Committee/Activity Reports: AED Clean – Up Day Fireworks Ice Fishing Derby Milkweed for Monarchs IPF Project: Missouri River/Loess Hills Region (Mills, Pottawattamie, Harrison Counties) STATE of the PARK: I-DNR: Dredge/Lake Restoration Campground...

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Milkweed for Monarchs Event a Success!

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THANK YOU to our 45 volunteers for their hard work and dedication on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 in planting nearly 400 plants in our new Monarch Garden at Lake Manawa State Park! A total of 288 milkweed plants and 100 accompanying native perennial species were planted with soil and compost and mulched in just under two hours! Photos of the event can be found on the Friends of Lake Manawa Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10152919580592397&type=1 There was a nice write-up today of the event in the Council Bluffs Daily NonPareil paper. http://www.nonpareilonline.com/news/local/monarch-garden-started-at-manawa/article_bac0ffc3-7314-548e-80b6-cc3ca9926964.html?mode=story Perennials were purchased through Diversity Farms in Iowa (712) 683-5555.  We planted 100 native perennials which consisted of the following 14 types of plants: Prairie Phlox, Snowy Goldenrod, LF Beardstongue, Loco Weed, Dotted Blazing Star, Rough Blazing Star, Pale Purple Coneflower, Aromatic Aster, Skyblue Aster, Lead Plant, Silkey Aster, Ground Plum, Cream Indigo, and P. Coreopsis Diversity Farms also sells a variety of milkweed. Milkweed was obtained through Monarch Watch. To add your email to the Monarch Watch’s Spring Sale list, email milkweed@monarchwatch.org and put “Spring Sale” in the subject line. To order milkweed this fall, go to this link on August 15th and their milkweed order form will be available.  You can order a flat of 33 milkweed plants for $66 which includes shipping to your home. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1I9lFB__ZQYS9OCgjUkc8PtuncEUPWsXaHpNuVmeCtVI/closedform For information on obtaining a grant for milkweed through Monarch Watch, visit: http://monarchwatch.org/bring-back-the-monarchs/milkweed/free-milkweeds-for-restoration-projects/ To designate your home garden as a “Monarch Waystation”, see this link: http://www.monarchwatch.org/waystations/ In addition to adding 400 plants to the Milkweed Garden, Friends of Lake Manawa unveiled a new “Monarch Garden” outdoor, permanent sign — intended to educate the public about the Monarch lifecycle. Friends of Lake Manawa hopes to make this an annual event, and we hope you will join us again next year! Again, a SINCERE THANK YOU for your help in saving the Monarchs! Information about the Monarch: ​ Milkweed is the only food that Monarch caterpillars will eat. Monarch butterflies eat the nectar from perennials on their fall migration to Mexico, where they overwinter, and then return to the U.S. to lay eggs in the spring and summer. Monarch butterflies have seen a staggering decline in their numbers in the last 20 years, losing more than 90 percent of their population. This is mainly due to the eradication of milkweed (the only thing they feed on) because of the use of herbicides like Round-Up. To save the Monarchs, every household in the corn belt would need to plant milkweed in their gardens! Milkweed is a non-invasive species. In fact, only about 1 in 100 milkweed seeds produced by a plant will actually germinate and grow. We can’t save the Monarchs without planting milkweed!...

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Friends of Lake Manawa Unveils New Website Design

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The Friends of Lake Manawa group, in partnership with Visual Moxie Design Studio, has recently upgraded and released a new Website design. The new site provides increased functionality, ability to become a member via PayPal, a sign up to receive our newsletter, view our Facebook group feed, and view beautiful photos of Lake Manawa and the surrounding state park submitted by area residents and photographers.  

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2015 Winterfest Ice Fishing Derby Cancelled Due to Unsafe Ice Conditions

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The 2015 Winterfest Ice Fishing Derby has been cancelled due to January’s unseasonably warm weather causing unsafe ice conditions on Lake Manawa. Several prizes were given away despite the cancellation. http://www.winterfestderby.com/

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FOLM 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

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MINUTES:  Joint FOLM Annual Meeting/DNR Public Meeting   October 14, 2014 at Bass Pro “Green Room” See attached list of attendees (87+ including DNR staff, presenters, late comers who did not sign in) FOLM Board present: Tom Braddy, Don DeLong, Mark Genereux, Tony Host, Bob Lappe, Meribah Moore Christensen, Ron Tekippe, Gary Woods, Marge Shoemaker FOLM Board absent: Dave Holcomb, Todd McCarty President Tom Braddy called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. Gary Woods had already handed out the 2014 FOLM Financial Report (attached). Marge handed out ballots to be collected at the end of the meeting. (34 ballots were cast. Tony Host and Marge Shoemaker were both reelected. There was one write in vote for Ron Pierce.)After welcoming remarks, Tom handed the meeting over to Todd Coffelt, DNR Park Supervisor, who presided over the DNR Public Meeting DREDGE UPDATE: Mike Sotak and Sara Mechlenberg (FYRA Engineering) reviewed the pre-dredge feasibility study. The dredge is a multi-phase project which includes getting the sand under the silt overlay, minimizing the environmental impact, and maintaining recreational opportunities. Dredging methods were described: wet mechanical (scooping out), dry/zoned (coffer dams), hydraulic dredge (barge), and SSD (sub surface dredging – syphoning sand from beneath the silt layer).  Dredging would avoid the area near Indian Creek and the Missouri River. Target depth is an average of 6 feet. Water quality would be increased to 4.5 feet (this is a target they are shooting for) of clarity as compared to current 1.3 feet of clarity, to be accomplished by reducing the pollutant load through the dredge and clearing the southeast corner for drainage. (See Proposed Water Quality Plan handout for details. It needs to be pointed out that this Water Quality Plan is NOT the dredging plan. This is an optimal plan from a fisheries habitat standpoint. Dredging on the west end of the lake still will not occur or will be minimal.) Boating, fishing, and other water recreation activities which disturb the silt impact the internal load. Efforts are being made to sell dredge material to IDOT to be used in the current highway improvement project (PCI would like sand by March, 2015.) (See Schedule handout for details. Project is currently at Task 4: Plans and specifications. Dredge could start summer 2015. Todd Coffelt said he would like to set up an advisory committee made up of one representative from each group of stakeholders (including but not limited to: Fish and Game, FOLM,  Lake Manawa Sailing Association, Lake Manawa Kite Boarders, and property owners representing Lakewood Villa, Cottage Row, Westlake Village, Pelican Cove, and the North Shore) to meet on November 12, 2014 at a time and location to be announced. CAMPGROUND UPDATE: Angela Corio, IDNR, reviewed an abbreviated “Timeline of Events” impacting the campground project (see attached handout). She reported that the location of the transitory eagles’ nest would require the campground to be closed from July 1 to November 1 each year…which includes some of the busiest times of use.  She then reviewed the Proposed Campground Redevelopment at the current campground site (see handout) which would include 51 full hook-up sites, but no bath house or dump facility, and no special accommodations for tent camping…although tent camping would be allowed at the hook-up sites. A 75’ to 80’ buffer for residents along the south...

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2010 Proxy Form

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FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA PROXY This is to certify that the undersigned, a voting member of the Friends of Lake Manawa, has designated the Friends of Lake Manawa Board of Directors or _________________________as his or her representative to cast all votes and express all approvals or disapprovals that said member may be entitled to cast or express at the annual meeting of the Friends of Lake Manawa, to be held on October 20, 2010 and any lawfully adjourned meetings thereof, and for all purposes provided by the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws and the annual meeting call of the Friends of Lake Manawa. Click here to download the 2010 Proxy...

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2010 Draft By-Laws

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BYLAWS OF FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA, INC. SECTION 1: OFFICE LOCATION 1-1. Principal Office. The principal office of the Corporation shall be located in the City of Council Bluffs, County of Pottawattamie and State of Iowa. The Corporation may also have such offices at such other places within or without the State as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. Click here to download the 2010 Draft By-Laws

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Previous By-Laws

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Click here to download our Previous By-Laws

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2010 Annual Meeting

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October 6, 2010 Dear Friends of Lake Manawa Member: You are invited and strongly urged to attend the ANNUAL MEETING of the FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA, a nonprofit organization, called by the Board of Directors, which will be held on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20th at 7:00 p.m. at the WESTERN HISTORIC TRAILS CENTER, 3434 Richard Downing Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Click Here to download the 2010 Annual Meeting...

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Lake Management Plan Meeting #2

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Lake Management Plan Meeting #2 Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 7:00  Lake Manawa Country Club   Kevin Seevers, West Pottawattamie County Resource Planner and Chairman of the Lake Manawa Lake Management Plan, started the second meeting with a power point presentation summarizing the DNR presentations from the first meeting.  Dan Jacobs, the new Lake Manawa State Park, Park Manager was introduced.  The Lake Management Plan Technical Advisory Team categorized the citizen concerns gathered at the first meeting as:   Water quality                       154 Law Enforcement                 42 Safety                                      69 User Fee                                  49 Capitol Improvements          76 Litter Control                          26 Campground                           36 Unclassified                            67   The technical advisory team will add more to this list.  Water quality issues included: dredging, shoreline stabilization, water turbidity due to silt and algae, improving fishery, storm sewers, trash in the lake and the lake water level.   Several attendees’ questions were answered.  The recent drop in water level was due to a malfunctioning pump at the Mosquito Creek inlet.  The soonest the dredge could happen would be the fall of 2008.  The DOT is looking for fill for the spring of 2009.  It is not known if there are natural springs in the lake.  The ground water flows from north to south.  The ground water table is higher on the north end and is seeping out at the south end.  It is important not to open a ground water channel to the river thus endangering the lake.  The environmental engineering study to be commissioned in the fall will address many of these issues.   Kevin then outlined the next step in the developing the Lake Management Plan, organizing a Watershed Council made up of 6 – 15 volunteers.  They would attend evening meetings about 2 hours long to help the technical advisory team establish goals and objectives and explore management alternatives and their costs for the resource concerns in each category.  Watershed Council members should have a deep passionate concern for water quality.  Kevin closed the meeting by inviting anyone present who was interested in serving on the Watershed Council to sign up with him after the meeting.  About 25 people expressed interest by signing...

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2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

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FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA P.O. Box 775 Council Bluffs, IA 51502-0775 October 14, 2008 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES The meeting was called to order at 7:10. Present were: Tom Braddy, Norm Colyer, Don DeLong, Jeff Kelly, Bob Lappe, George Rood, Todd McCarty, Cliff Shoemaker, Marge Shoemaker, Sue Walsh, and Gary Woods. Also present: Randy Fehl- Schemmer, Inc., DNR staff – Dan Jacobs, Matt Veon, Mike McGhee, Robert Schierbaum, Brian Hayes, West Pottawattamie Country Soil Conservation Dept. – Kevin Seevers, Sara Hanson – TetraTech Engineering, State Senator Mike Gronstal, Pottawattamie County Supervisors – Melvin Houser, Lynn Leaders, and Randy Williams, City Councilman Scott Belt, Parks and Recreation Director Larry Foster, Pottawattamie County Soil and Erosion Commission member – Dean Fisher, 45 voting members (of which 5 were by proxy), and 15 nonvoting members. Click here to download 2008 Annual Meeting...

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2008 Annual Meeting Financial Report

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FRIENDS OF LAKE MANAWA GENERAL ACCOUNT JANUARY 1, 2008 -SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 (Revised) Balance Forward $26,407.01 Click Here to download the 2008 Annual Meeting Financial Report

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Annual Meeting Proxy Form

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Click Here to download our Annual Meeting Proxy Form

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IADNR & Tetratech Public Meeting June 19, 2008

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Lake Manawa Public Meeting June 19, 2008 Agenda

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Lake Management Plan Public Meeting 1

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Lake Management Plan Meeting #1 Wednesday, June 20th 2007 7:00 – Lake Manawa Country Club   The meeting began with representatives of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources giving overview presentations on various aspects of Lake Manawa.  Don DeLong, DNR park ranger, spoke on the history of Lake Manawa.  The oxbow lake was formed as the result of flood waters cutting a new channel for the Missouri River in 1881.  It was initially called Cut Off Lake.  In 1933 it was designated as a state park and officially named Manawa meaning peace and comfort.  The first lake dredge was done in 1930 by a group of volunteers called the Manawa Mud Daubers.  The North Shore peninsula was formed from the first dredge spoils.  The park has over a million and a half visitors each year, thus making it one of the, if not the most visited park in the state of Iowa.   Brian Hayes, a DNR Fisheries Biologist related the fisheries department’s three main concerns:  water quality, species diversity and habitat improvement.  He related that it is hard to control the fish populations because the fish that are in Mosquito Creek can migrate into the lake.  Of the 60% of all Iowans that visit the state’s lakes at least once a year, most valued are:  safety from bacterial contamination, water clarity, quality swimming areas and fish quality.  Lake Manawa is on the 303d list of impaired waters because it is not fully meeting its intended use as a primary contact lake (swimming) due to water turbidity and algae.   Thad Nanfito, a DNR Environmental Specialist then talked on backyard ecology.  Lake Manawa is mainly polluted by surface drainage via road ditches and surface culverts, silt from new housing development, and excessive fertilizer and pesticides from adjacent lawns.  Thad suggested public education concerning the value of rain gardens and the use of fertilizer with little or no phosphates.   Mike McGhee then reviewed progress on the upcoming dredge.  Lake Manawa has an average depth of just over 6 feet.  The breakpoint for the improvement of water quality due to depth is 10 feet.  At 6 feet the wind and wave action resuspending the bottom sediments.  The average water clarity is from 12-18 inches.  The goal after dredging would be from 4-4.5 feet 50% of the time from April through October.  The Lake Restoration Process should address the water quality issues in the watershed and then commission an environmental consulting firm to develop a game plan and cost estimate to restore and improve water quality.  The DNR will then go to the legislature with a request for funds.  The advantage of the Department of Transportation involvement is that they will foot a significant portion of the dredge bill by buying the dredge material for their road construction needs.  Critical issues will be whether it is feasible to get at the sand that the DOT wants for road construction without harming the seal between Lake Manawa and the Missouri River and the quality of the dredge material.  The process will be a partnership between the DNR, governmental agencies and the citizens of the Council Bluffs area.  If we can improve water quality we can shift fish populations to the more desirable species.   During the second half of the meeting facilitated...

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General Meeting

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Friends of Lake Manawa General Meeting Minutes Monday, May 7, 2007 Fish and Game Club 7:00 P.M. Norm Colyer called the meeting to order at 7:05. He introduced the steering committee and technical committee members present and elected officials. He gave a brief background of the group. Norm then presented John Maehl with an appreciation plaque from the friends of Lake Manawa for all his public and private efforts in behalf of the lake. He announced that John was leaving us to take a position as Supervisor of the Northwest Iowa DNR district. John Maehl gave a brief history of the dredge project and then introduced Mike McGhee from DNR fisheries who works with the lake restoration projects. Mike told the group that they have put out bids for a consulting company to do a cost/risk/benefit analysis, with the specific water quality goals to include an average depth of approximately 10 feet and water clarity to 4 feet. Hiring the outside consulting firm is necessary due the secondary objective of obtaining deeper sand for the DOT roads projects and the concerns about disturbing the seal between the lake and the Missouir River. The DNR has $80,000 – $100,000 budgeted for this. They are looking for 20-25% of this money, approximately $25,000, to come from local contributions. The total project cost will be about $15-20 million. If significant spoils can be sold to the DOT it will bring the cost of project way down. Lake restoration projects are locally driven by concerned citizen groups – i.e. Friends of Lake Manawa. The lake restoration project will include watershed needs. Mike handed out the Lake Restoration Prioritization Process and Program. Manawa is unique for an oxbow of the Missouri because its water levels don’t fluctuate with river. It is thought that the sediment/clay layer might act as a hydraulic seal between the lake and the river. One option being considered is to take the sand out and lower the silt layer, possibly reducing its thickness. The study needs to proceed quickly because the DOT needs the spoils in 1 – 1 ½ years. We will have to push to get things done. In answering questions Mike relayed that the trees and previous dredge spoils on the south side of the park dikes were removed for the DOT interstate construction project which resulted in a considerable savings for the dredge project due to the ready made spoils site. The area south of the dike will eventually be returned to a natural state. Chris Larson, the Southwest Iowa District Fisheries Supervisor, reported that yellow bass have an impact on Manawa, but not as great as other lakes in the area. There are no fisheries plan for yellow bass at this time. They will continue to stock walleye and wiper. Other lake management plans will include reducing algal bloom by monitoring phosphorus levels and looking for outside nutrients entering the lake, adding rooted vegetation to improve fish habitats, shoreline stabilization, and improving fishing access. Kevin Seevers summarized the Lake Management Plan process. The technical advisory team and steering committee will schedule the first public meeting a.s.a.p. due to the public support necessary for the dredge project. The Lake Management Plan sponsor will be the Friends of Lake Manawa. Kevin Seevers will be the manager. The...

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